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Stefan & Mert closely follow their real world design and development process as they educate the reader by helping them build a ‘personal bot’. Readers will learn how to design and develope a chatbot from scratch and by the end of the book, the reader will have build a personal bot that can schedule appointments and answer appointment related questions on their behalf.


The book will start by introducing the reader to the world of chatbots. We will explore the different messaging platforms, frameworks and tools. Quickly we will do a deep dive into chatbot design and what makes conversational design so unique. Once the reader has a basic understanding, we will begin our project.


The project starts with the discovery phase in which the reader will validate their concept and hone in on the core value proposition of the bot. We will then design the bot around the core value proposition using XMind and then create a MVP using Chatfuel. Once the MVP is ready, we will iterate via usability testing. We want to make sure we have a solid solution to a painful problem and that it is usable.


After the MVP is finalized, we will begin developing it in API.AI. The reader will build the UI elements, train the bot, integrate with facebook and connect to Heroku. Reader will also learn about NLP theory, designing for context, disambiguation and fallbacks. We will then write the API calls in node.js so the bot can connect to Google Calendar. Once complete, we will test the API calls and dialogue flows.


After we have built the core of our bot, it is time to improve the user experience. Reader will learn about designing a bot personality, making the bot sticky and habit forming. We will use psychology and persuasion to make the bot irresistible.


Finally we are ready to launch the bot. The user will learn what to do post launch and how to keep the important things important. He will learn about key metrics, bot marketing, and monetization.


Things you will learn:

  • Apply Design Process

  • Identify Core Value Proposition and Design a Bot around it

  • Create an MVP using Chatfuel

  • Develop Bot using API.AI

  • Connecting API calls with Chatbot Project

  • Use psychology to make your chatbot habit forming


Chapter 1: Intro to Chatbots

  • What is a Bot?

  • Brief History of Chatbots

  • The 4 Parts of a Bot

  • Messaging Platforms

  • UI Elements

  • Conversational Design Tools

  • Conversation Frameworks

  • NLP

  • Other Bot Tools: Analytics


Chapter 2: Chatbot 1st Use Cases

  • Bots are Paradigm Shift

  • Types of Bots

  • Exploring Use Cases

  • Leveraging Conversations

  • Chatbot Design Conventions

  • Buttons vs Conversations

  • Sharable Design

  • What we are Building


Chapter 3: Designing your Bot

  • Discovery

  • Concept Validation

  • User Interviews

  • Discover your Core Value Proposition

  • Design your Core

  • Using XMind to Design our Bot

  • Conversational Design in

  • Designing the User Experience


Chapter 4: Building MVP using Chatfuel

  • Set up Chatfuel

  • Blocks

  • AI

  • Plugins

  • Connect to FB

  • Launching your MVP

  • User Testing

  • Interate

  • Finalize MVP


Chapter 5: Developing the Bot with API.AI

  • Getting Started with API.AI

  • Developing your Intents

  • Developing your Entities

  • Training your Model

  • Integrations

  • Server Connection to Heroku

  • Building UI Elements

  • Launching the Bot


Chapter 6: NLP Deep Dive

  • What is NLP and NLU

  • NLP Theory

  • Advanced Intents

  • Advanced Entities

  • Training Data

  • Designing for Context

  • Disambiguation

  • Fallsbacks


Chapter 7: Back End Development and Testing

  • Setup Heroku Environment

  • Writing API calls in node.js

  • Logging

  • Making Google Calendar API Calls

  • Connecting it to API.AI Project

  • Develop Test Plan

  • Testing API Calls

  • Testing Dialogue Flows

  • Common Bugs


Chapter 8: Designing a Great User Experience

  • Leveraging user personas

  • Personalization and Segmentation

  • Bot Copywriting

  • Designing Chatbot Personality

  • Developing the Personality in API.AI

  • Designing Onboarding

  • Developing Onboarding in API.AI

  • Using Funnels

  • User Testing

  • Interactions


Chapter 9: Using Psychology to Persuade

  • Computer Human Interactions

  • Sticky Formula

  • Making your Bot Sticky

  • Persuasion Formula

  • Making your bot  Persuasive

  • Habit forming Design Principles

  • Making your bot Habit Forming

  • Sharpening the Saw


Chapter 10: Launching your Bot

  • Launching from API.AI

  • Making your Bot Discoverable

  • Analytics Tools

  • Key Metrics

  • Retention

  • Engagement

  • Interesting Conversations

  • Design Improvements

  • NLP Improvements


Chapter 11: Marketing and Monetization

  • Using Design as a Marking Tool

  • Designing Viral Loops

  • Sharable Design

  • Bot2Bot Connections

  • Leveraging FB Ads and Comments

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Be where your users are

  • Where to Share your Bot


Design & Develop Chatbots using API.AI

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