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Getting a Chatbot for your Conference is a No Brainer! 

Recently The Chatbot Conference used this bot to great effect!

• 20% of Ticket Sales came via bot!

• Bot has ~5,000 users

• Increased user engagement during the conference

• Reduced Customer Service Requests and Questions

• Best way to keep in contact with attendees post conference and to sell future conferences.


Play with Conference Bot here


A Chatbot is the easiest and most effective way for you to communicate with your attendees. With a simple text, you can let everyone know updated schedule details, wi-fi information, parking, etc. More importantly, you can use this bot to sell tickets, improve the conference experience, introduce attendees to each other, and keep the connection going long after the event is over. The next time you have an event, you can easily connect via the bot.



Segmentation: Bot segments your audience into different buckets that match the different types of people coming to your conference.

Introductions: Bot helps users achieve goals by introducing them to the right people via the bot.

Ticket Sales: Bot sends out promos and let users purchase tickets via bot.

Conference Details: Bot showcases all of the speakers, their stories, and lets send questions to the speakers.

Live Sponsored Games: Bot lets you send traffic straight to your sponsors via the Conference Day Game.



Developing a bot like this from scratch can cost more than $50,000 USD and 6months to launch. However, we are offering this as a SAAS product with a very low $999 set up fee + monthly usage fee. The set up fee includes updating the template according to your conference's details. Additionally, we have Hollywood script writers who can update the template according to your requirements. 

Chatbot for Your Conference

  • You will reach out via email within a few days of your purchase and request content for your the confernece bot. Thereafter, we will schedule a call and discuss strategy and launch plab. Given that this is a digital product, there are no returns under any circumstances.

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