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Get your own Clients, Drive for Yourself and Make More Money!

Uber and Lyft take 20-25% of each ride while keeping prices down. Soon, Uber & Lyft will deploy driverless cars. This Bot will let you get your own clients, charge your own rates, and earn more money.


How it Works:

  • Clients: Bot lets you attract clients with each ride you give. They can simply scan your Bot and boom, you are connected on Messenger.
  • Rides: When they need a ride, they can send you a request via your bot.
  • Payments: You send then a quote for the cost of the ride and they can pay you via Paypal.

* You Only Need a few good regulars to increase your income!

Chatbot for Uber & Lyft Drivers

  • You will receive the template via email within a few days of your purchase. This template is under copy-write and you are given a single use permit to use the template for 1 Blog/Website per purchase. The permit maybe transferred upon our written approval. If you are interested in reselling our templates please contact us directly. Given that this is a digital product, there are no returns under any circumstances.

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