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Instantly turn your Blog or Website into a Chatbot! 

This is based off of the ChatbotsLife Bot that has over 130,000 users & 30 Million Messages!

Play with it here.



  • 130,000 Users
  • 30 Million Messages
  • Long Session Times



  • No Programing: Use template to turn your Blog into a Bot in 5min with zero programing!
  • Auto Marketing: Bot Auto Replies to Comments left on your page and Facebook Ads.
  • Sales Funnels: Use content marketing within the Bot to get the user to go from Awareness to purchase. 
  • User Segmentation: Bot can segment users into different groups and send them personalized content.
  • Auto Up Selling: Right after each purchase the Bot sends the user a coupon to add to their order.


Free Demo

Blog & Website Chatbot

  • You will receive the template via email within a few days of your purchase. This template is under copy-write and you are given a single use permit to use the template for 1 Blog/Website per purchase. The permit maybe transferred upon our written approval. If you are interested in reselling our templates please contact us directly. Given that this is a digital product, there are no returns under any circumstances.

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