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Learn How To Build Profitable Chatbots & Get Paid To Do It

Get your bot agency up and running in 5 weeks at The Chatbot Agency Accelerator.


You'll learn the hard and soft skills you need to build bots, and get access to the tools you need!


You will graduate with real world experience in building profitable chatbots.


You will build meaningful relationships with bot industry leaders & get access to our exclusive network.


You'll get our exact processes for finding clients, closing the deal, and working with them.


What is The Chatbot Agency Accelerator? 

The fastest way to break into the Chatbot & AI Space

The Accelerator is a 5-week training program for people who want to serve clients with chatbots.


The curriculum has been designed by industry leaders to ensure you graduate with depth and breadth of chatbot building, selling, and monetization knowledge.


You'll work with a large group of world-class mentors and a small group of inspiring peers to learn new skills while doing real work for companies and getting paid to do it.

Bot Design & UX

  • Chatbot Design & Prototyping

  • Conversational Design & Flows

  • Bot Copywriting

  • User Research

  • A/B Testing

  • Designing for Brains

  • Bot Use Cases & Making a Profitable Bots with an ROI

Bot Sales & BD

  • Persuasion & Influence

  • Customer Development

  • Content Marketing

  • Deal Crafting

  • Pipeline Management 

  • Project Management

  • Client Management

  • Business Theory for Bots

Our Community is where you'll get exclusive access to the program mentors and inspiring peers.

There are hundreds of millions of businesses without chatbots.

They need your help to implement them.


  • 5 X More Profitable than Email Marketing

  • Open Rates 70% - 100%

  • Click Rates 50% - 100%

  • Bots increase conversion rates by 4-6x on average!

Lead Generation

  • Increase e-commerce sales by 25% 

  • Bots learn about the user and increase sales

  • Bots can automatically up-sell & cross sell 

Customer Service

  • Decrease Customer Service costs by as much as 39%

  • Available 24/7 to answer questions

  • Most customers prefer texting than calling or email

See How Our Students Are Making $5,000+ Per Month By Helping Businesses With Bots

  • Low End Gig: You charge $500-1,000 to create a chatbot, and a $500-1,000 per month retainer.

  • Average Gig: You charge $2,000 to $5,000 to create a chatbot, and $2,000+ per month retainer.

  • High End Gig: You charge $6,000 to $15,000+ to create a chatbot, and $4,000+ per month retainer.

* To Hit $10K/mo all you need is 10 Customers!

Oscar I.

I've closed 15 clients since I started the program. This client now put my ROI at 993% within 2 months of taking this!

Shweta D.

The course gave me the confidence to pitch high-ticket clients. I was able to get 2 clients paying me $1500 each in the first month of joining this!

Douglas M.

First chatbot pitch was successful. I ended up selling 3 campaigns for $1,500 each and $750/mo maintenance for each. I have been in sales for a long time and chatbots sell themselves. 

Program Details:



5 Weeks




*Payment Plan is available.

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